Advanced electronics and clean energy technologies are becoming critical, irreplaceable components of modern life. As the world pushes toward a carbon-free future and new technologies increasingly rely on rare earth and specialty metals (e.g., Nd, Co, Li), concern is rising around the economic, environmental, and socio-geopolitical stability of the long-term supply of these materials. With demand approaching and exceeding our current supply rates, and over 90% of global production of these raw materials coming from undesirable locations, the world has labeled rare earth and specialty metals as critical with respect to their supply risk. As a result, there has been a movement toward better material management practices to create a secure, secondary source of these metals here in the United States to protect our future in clean energy advancements. Many of the electronic waste (e-waste) streams could serve as viable secondary sources of these metals, yet less than 5% of these valuable materials are recycled today!

We’re here to change this - we’re here to redefine these supply chains through low-cost electronics recycling.